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Social Media Promotion Services for Authors

Do you want your writing to be promoted to 130,000 readers?

Do you want help to get your writing noticed?

Do you want a report on how you can improve your social media presence?

Do you want a guide to social media?

In January 2010 I was unpublished and unknown. Now I get on morning TV, national radio, and a Hollywood producer is talking to me about making my first book into a movie.

But how did all this happen to a nobody – me?

Social media is the answer. Harper Collins told me that my blog, YouTube trailers and Twitter presence made up their mind to pick me over a  load of other authors who wanted my slot.

Now, if you want to go from wannabe to achieving your dreams contact me:

I am offering a new service to help authors reach a bigger audience.

I have over 140,000 followers on social media. I am willing to share these with a small number of authors – fiction and non fiction – who are willing to work hard and reach higher.

I am already doing this for an international thriller author with Simon & Schuster, one of the largest children’s book publisher’s in the UK and one of the biggest non fiction publishers in Ireland & others.

I will leave you with one thing: The cover of my first novel, which has recently been released in Greece. Don’t you love what they did to my name! I wonder what your future holds. Join me. Let me help you.


8 thoughts on “Social Media Promotion Services for Authors

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  2. Hi Laurence,
    Did I congratulate you on your achievements? If not, envy envy envy. One day I say!
    I tried to sign up with WordPress but they have a unsolved problem.
    I have signed up with bloggers. There are so many. Please may I have a few good blogs to sign up with.
    Thx jane

  3. What you say is true and useful too- especially for a person like me. I have just written a music book for children in such a way that an adult without any music back ground can understand it and help a child at home between his lessons. It is with my publisher at the moment. I want it to sell big.

  4. Hi, I’ve been following you and I really enjoy and appreciate your blogs! I couldn’t agree with you more about theme. I think my genre is literary fiction but my work has great themes in it that I think could help me sell a lot of books. I’m a very talented writer who is doing many things wrong. I need more followers, Amazon presence, and a publishing contract, for starters. I am open to any advice or services that you are willing to offer. Thanks for your contribution, encouragement, and enthusiasm!

    Yours in books,

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