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Will video book excerpts help sell more books?

As you know I am an author of crime/mystery/adventure novels and a social media consultant.

My second novel, The Jerusalem Puzzle, published by Harper Collins, came out January 3rd 2013 in paperback in good bookstores and on and

I have created a 2 minute video with me narrating the first chapter of The Jerusalem Puzzle above and here. The style is a series of relevant images being panned across as I speak the opening chapter.

I used Windows Moviemaker, four images, two from the cover, and the audio track narrated inside Moviemaker.

My question to you is, do you think this approach will help sell books?

To support this site – over 60 free posts so far on social media for you to explore – please buy one of my novels, The Istanbul Puzzle or The Jerusalem Puzzle or my guide to social media. And enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Will video book excerpts help sell more books?

  1. Hi Laurence,
    Anything that creates exposure for your work has to be a good thing, unless of course your film-making is incredibly bad.
    Television is changing and will continue to be over-taken by the Internet. We need to learn from the music industry in the way it is handling the transition, where Youtube video’s of good artists (and the really laughably bad ones) get millions of hits! Get a Youtube video go viral and bingo, how many eyes see your book being promoted at the end.
    How to get a video to go viral is the key.

  2. This book via video thing is a tough call. Book trailers:How many readers actually use them? Versus other writers looking at what other writers have done. YouTube videos that go viral are usually surprising or controversial. And generally short. How has your video done over these months since March? This is July 1st. Thank you for your blog. It’s my favorite part of Flipboard. Looking forward to studying your book on social media.

    • Thanks Laure, I agree that getting book trailers to go viral is almost impossible. But I have had over 500 views on one of my videos and I enjoyed making them, so I’m not that concerned about the time it took. I will keep updating to the socialmedia4writers Flipbook. I hope you like what I find.

  3. I love it. I have 3 of my print books also available as audio books. I teach from my books on my radio shows as well as on my video channel. It does work. Great job.. now I’m going for the book..

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