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From blog to Hollywood


I received a proper, with money involved, offer for the option rights on The Istanbul Puzzle. We are all very excited and my publisher in London, Harper Collins, are negotiating the finer points about percentages of the box office and all that with the Hollywood producer involved.

Now, keep this in mind. I was rejected over a hundred times by agents up to 2010, when I decided to create a blog and go on Twitter. Ten months later Harper Collins offered me a global publishing contract. One of the reasons they gave for doing that was because of my social media presence. And now I’m being offered a deal to make a movie of my first published novel.

So do I believe in the power of social media for writers? You can guess the answer to that question.


2 thoughts on “From blog to Hollywood

  1. I’m not great on social media, Laurence. But I’m catching on. Reading this I think I need to catch on faster! Congrats! Wonderful news!

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