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Guest post: Making the best of Social Media for Writers by Shah Wharton

Social media has become an increasingly important platform for writers to communicate with their readers (or find potential readers). This means we all need to be aware of how to make the best of it.


1. Remember, you are a brand.

Just because social media can often require you to write a concise comment, this is no excuse for poor grammar and punctuation. Acknowledge that each comment you make can act as a potential circular about your brand. If you’re sloppy with words on social media, why would anyone want to invest in your words by purchasing your book?

2. Take your time.

Remember, a scant, precise presence is far better for your brand than a regular, derisory one. TIP: There is a skill to writing astute, shareable content in 140 characters or less. It requires practice to engage your readers. Write what you want to say in brief, perhaps using Word, then remove redundant words, reposition pertinent ones, until you have it perfect. This will get easier with practice.

At the very least, always read aloud what you wrote before you send it out to thousands of potential readers.

3. Don’t react to comments

Reactionary remarks can be hugely damaging to your brand. NEVER react to a bad review or negative comment about your work, for example. Best to placate commenters in these situations. Remember, not everyone will love you or your books (incredibly). J

Make each comment count in your favour. If you don’t have time to do so, don’t comment.

4. Write for individuals, not Google bots!

Engage with your readers, converse with them on relevant subjects, share comments and links they will value.

DO NOT make your every Tweet or Facebook update or blog post about your brand or books. Sales will filter through via establishing an interest in what your have to offer, not by fist feeding them your Amazon links and Goodreads reviews at every opportunity.

Keep readers informed of your progress, your milestones, your celebrations, but do not flood your followers or they’ll drown! Instead, sprinkle these announcements evenly with other helpful or interesting updates they will appreciate.

5. The world is watching. Open your eyes.

Social media reflects your brand just as much as it offers a window into who your readers are, what they’re reading, trends they follow, products they buy, and what they might be loving about your genre. Use this knowledge to inform your social media campaigns, and follow authors who are already a success in your genre. Get friendly with them – they may be your competition, but they are also potentially helpful resources.

6. Have fun with it.

Getting started with social media can seem daunting, but by keeping things fun you stand a far better chance of encouraging involvement and interaction with your readers and followers. After all, the point of it all is to convert them into fans.


• Make each comment informative, mindful, correct and if appropriate – fun!

• Engage your readers and followers.

• Take your time.

• Do not react to negativity. Think before you reply – every time!

• Proof read each comment; sloppy words will lose you readers.

• Have fun!


Shah Wharton author of: The Supes Series #1: Finding Esta

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