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I have 13 boards on Pinterest and 298 followers on my favorite board linked and pictured above.

That board provides clues to the riddle at the heart of my first published novel. You can click on the images. Some will take you to Amazon to buy the book. Others will take you back to my blog, where you can win a prize if you can solve the puzzle.

And there is a real solvable puzzle with clues on the Pinterest board.

My question for you is, how can you use Pinterest in an innovative way to engage new readers?

If you want me to come up with a suggestion for you simply leave a link to your site or book in the comments and I will reply with a Pinterest board suggestion.

You can also email me a link to your writing and I will reply privately with a suggestion for a board.


49 thoughts on “Pinterest for Writers

    • Hi Morgan!

      There are so many boards waiting for you! A selection of your own fav travel pics first. Then cooking, gardening & belly/tribal dance boards, whatever you have the best pics for. I think it would be great for all your interests, as Pinterest is so visual and your interests are too.

      Best wishes from sunny Dublin in far away Ireland!

    • Hi Julie,

      I see lots of opportunities with each era you write in. So, A Pinterest board about ancient daughters of the Gods and modern women you think might stand in for them. With Pinterest you can take pictures of the web and pin them to your board. I hope you like the idea! Laurence

    • Michael, It would be great if you had your own pictures of Kinshasa, the Congo river or Congo in general. But you can also pin images from the web with Pinterest.

      These would add real local colour and help us visualize what it is really like in the places Mack Maran visits on his adventures. It sounds like a really interesting read btw. I believe pictures would help some of us connect with the world of the book.

  1. I might be mistaken but I could swear others are copying what I’m doing! That’s great and part of what social networking is all about. I’m getting excellent feedback in other ways, too: a flood of followers and ‘likes’. Thanks for the support.

    • Hi Christina.

      I think you have great potential for Pinterest. I see images of all the characters from The Journey and many of the settings in Brussels too. I am sure you have lots of photos of interesting parts of Brussels and as a reader I would love to be able to see where the story is set. Best wishes from Dublin! L

    • I would love to see a Pinterest board for Shelby & Jules with their belongings, hats and coats and shoes. And one for the street they live in and the coffee shop they argue in and the record shop they make up in and the restaurant where they realize they will never be parted. .

  2. This is a great idea, Laurence. I have tweeted it out to my author followers. Incidentally, I suggested Pinterest to one of my author clients last year, she then sold a book through it within 24 hours of opening her account! Just proves Pinterest does work!

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  5. Thanks Laurence, as a new writer, I found you on Twitter, honestly I’ve had great advice from you, and I’ve never even met you!
    Last week, I struggled to set up a Pinterest account. Now, all I need to do is finish my first book, I’m a demon for distractions!

  6. I feel that we can engage readers with Pinterest by creating boards for our characters, sharing books and quotes we love and, as with most social media platforms, simply being ourselves. I also showcase my blog posts, and on occasion, Pinterest is my top referrer. Cheers!

    • Hi Helen, your board is very interesting. My ideas to upgrade it would be perhaps to have items – places – things – people from the book on separate boards. You might also put the cover, maps, a list of locations on one too. It all depends do you want to re-organise what you have or create new boards, subsets of the existing one perhaps. All the best with it all!

      • Thanks very much, Laurence I’ll have a good think about this and see what else I can find to add to it. There will be another board coming up soon too, for the sequel! Thanks again.

    • Amanda,

      They look like very interesting writing classes. There are many steps and I am sure you are doing some already. Libraries, local bookshop notices, local author Twitter feeds, local publisher inc. newspaper and magazine web sites are all the first steps. Hard work I know and I wish I had an easy solution. Only dedication needed! And a bit of luck! Good luck with the new book. Tweet me a link when it comes out and I will RT: @LPOBryan

      • Thanks for your response. I actually meant followers for my Blog but new writers are always welcome at the classes too. The classes are actually going pretty well and one is in a library so that helps, although most of my writers seem to find me through my website. Thanks for kind words re new book, I’m just starting to submit to agents – wish me luck!

    • Hi, I think the only way is to create regular content and link to it from Twitter & Facebook and other sites. If you are doing this you will build followers. Good luck with it all.

    • Hi, Maryann, From what I can see your book is set in Reno. I would love to see a Pinterest board about Reno to help me see what it is like now.

      You can use your own images or ones you find on Pinterest. Use the search box, top left, to search for images. Then simply pin the best ones to your new board. Pick the most suitable for the mood of your book. Good luck! And email me if you want a guest post on my blog:

    • I don’t think you need me to help with pictures for sensual/erotic poetry, Stacey. There are millions on Pinterest to choose from. Getting the balance right will be the challenge.

  7. This is such a neat idea! I’m terrible with social media, but I’m always looking for ways to expand my readership. I’m slowly piecing together these social media accounts, but this sounds like fun. I’ve always avoided Pinterest because it seems like another huge time suck for me, but if it can be used constructively, then I’d be willing to use it. Here’s the link to my book:

    Any ideas you have would be most appreciated, and thank you for the support!


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