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Get Noticed – Find Readers! Discovery services for writers

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Most writers want to get noticed. These services were designed to help you achieve that. I am both self published and traditionally published by Harper Collins. My first published novel achieved a number one placing in its paid for category on Kindle and is close to selling 35,000 ebooks since launch in 2012. My total book sales for 2012 are just under 50,000 units.

I want to share the expertise I have built up over the past three years to help you get in front of readers or simply sell more books.

If you or anyone wants to contact me about these support services you can email me at:

The services I can provide are:

1. A short report on the authors current website with recommendations for content and style.

2. Promotion of each book/site, daily, to 100,000 readers and followers of my Twitter accounts, as if they were your own.

3.  A guest post slot on a published author’s blog with thousands of followers, also promoted to 100,000 readers.

4. A free guide to social media.

5. YouTube book trailer production.

6. Soundcloud chapter one audio recording.

7. Blog creation, advice and posting service.

8. Pinterest board creation & posting service.

9. Blog tour development – teach what you do tours.

10. Online competitions – book giveaways on Twitter, blog, Facebook, Goodreads.

11. Review campaigns to encourage Amazon and other reviews.

12. Google search set up for key words and subjects related to the book subject

13. Launch day/week events including giveaways, recorded interviews, special price promotions, blog posts etc.

14. Goodreads events & Facebook events to mark launch or other milestones, new ebook, revised editions etc.

The above are time consuming and I have done them all for my novels, but I have time to help you.

Get in touch:

Laurence O’Bryan


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