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Social media competitions

Giving away books is one of the easiest things you can do on social media as a writer to raise awareness.

I have given away copies of my books every month for the past six months and I have posted copies to as far away as Japan. On Goodreads over 500 people responded to a competition last January to receive a free copy of my latest novel.

I have also given away copies of each of the translated versions of my first novel. In most cases the publisher sends me six copies of each foreign language version. I only need to keep one. The others I can give away. Here’s a pic of some of the foreign language versions:

The Istanbul Puzzle

I also run competitions on my main writing blog offering a free copy of my first two novels posted to people who share that post on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or wherever. They also have to comment and at the end of the month I pick one of the comments at random using to select a winner. Then I post the books to them.

And I don’t check if they have shared the post. I assume that most people are honest. Research backs that up. Only a small percentage are dishonest. Otherwise life would be unbearable!

Your competitions could give away more than books. You can give away restaurant meals, toys, tickets to events. But if you do run a competition ask people to share your page or post and you will boost your chances of being discovered.

I wish you well with your competitions. Please let us know below what type of competitions you run and provide a link too, so we can all join in!



One thought on “Social media competitions

  1. I think what you are doing is highly intuitive and brilliant! If only I was popular enough to hold contests like that. I am on many different social networks from Youtube to Instagram to SocialCam, totaling to 10 sites that I’m set up on in order to try and widen my fan base. Instagram and Dubbler seem to be getting me some fans, and on Instagram I did once hold a shoutout contest to my 400th follower. Currently I have 644 and will be holding one for my 700th, 800th, and so on. So please go and follow!!

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