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What goes around comes around

Social media for writers

Can you get on with people who are different to you?

Collaboration is a critical part of achieving your dreams as a writer. If you can’t get along with your editor, mentor and writing group colleagues how is all this going to work?

And the next step to getting along is helping your fellow writers or others. Helping can come in the form of allowing people to guest post on your site, interviewing writers on your site or providing advice on some aspect of writing, which you have mastered.

I have reached Emerging Writer Guest Post # 40 over at my main writing site. I promote each post to 150,000 followers on a variety of social media platforms.

I also posted a series on Getting your Writing Noticed on that site too.

These are simply examples of what you can do to give back.

So what are you doing to give back?

Because one thing I know for sure, what goes around comes around.

3 thoughts on “What goes around comes around

  1. I do what I can because I firmly believe ‘paying it forward’ rewards you in the long run. I have an indie/small press library: which is completely free. I’d love to have extra followers on my blog as a ‘thank you’ and some have, so that’s nice, but there are a lot of takers out there, which is a shame.

    I will check out your links. Thank you for sharing.

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