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Trading social media for writers?

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I got this great position near the door of a bookstore in Dublin last January for my first two novels by building a personal relationship with the staff there and by offering to hold low cost workshops to them. Unfortunately the shop is now gone.

But I do think trading is a good way for writers to build connections. And even more now as book shops disappear. A good friend of mine, based in San Francisco, is going to read a new novel I am setting partly in that city, to spot anomalies. I am going to help her with her blog and promote her to my followers.

Perhaps you have cover design skills you would like to trade? Perhaps you have copy editing skills?

One benefit of such trading is that we don’t pay any taxes on the sale or on the income. Another is that we bind people tighter to ourselves. I know it’s not going to be perfect, there will be stumbles, but won’t it feel good to trade your skills and get something valuable in return?

If you have any skills to trade list them in the comments section below. This post will be seen by thousands. My first barter item is the promotion of you or your writing to over 100,000 followers. My second item to trade is editing skills after thirteen years of learning this craft and getting three thrillers published by Harper Collins, and going through many structural and copy edits with them.

I know what publishers want. Want to trade?


8 thoughts on “Trading social media for writers?

  1. Very interesting approach. One of synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of parts, contributed by a wealth of different perspectives and experiences.

    I’m afraid my only expertise, if it is one, is that of writing and observing from a bird’s eye perspective 🙂 At times I do make covers, review writing and function as a – sort of – table, a place where others put their thoughts on the deck to pass them back and forward.

    I can listen, I can read. And I like to step into other people’s shoes and give them mine.

  2. Hi Laurence. This is wonderful idea and my great regret is not seeing how I can participate.
    Except perhaps: story telling, character building and a natural ability to see clearly and find paths through tricky problems.
    I’ve been able to help writer friends find there way when they are lost or blocked.
    I can’t see how that might be traded but I’d be willing to try.
    Best regards from the old country Laurence.

    • David, all day I have been working on changing the plot of a new novel. Now I have three parallel story streams. Two of them with people kidnapped. If you have time and inclination we can talk it through on Skype and I can promote your writing in exchange.

      No sales tax applies. email me

  3. I have published many essays on a range of topics and have ghost written essays as well as taught workshops on writing oped and essays. I’ve also published a novel and written screenplays. more info at
    happy to find a way to exchange – love this idea

      • I’m looking for ways to get the word out about my novel, Finding Bluefield, a ride through the 1960’s as Nicky and Barbara fall in love and navigate what it means to be family.
        If there’s a way to do an exchange, let me know.

      • If there’s a way for me to help you or someone else (three way trade?) with and essay or blog, I would be into it. I’m a HuffPost blogger and a ghostwriter.

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