Advice for writers

Using social media magic to increase reader involvement


If you get potential readers involved with you or your work through social media you are more likely to turn them into readers. This is the power of involvement. Here are it’s rules:

1. Get readers to participate, to share, to comment (please do so below).

2. Ask for advice. What do you think of these rules?

3. Create an atmosphere. This information is for writers only. Magicians of the soul.

4. Mesmerize. Follow me. Take this path to find the truth about getting discovered.

5. Build suspense. Soon you will know everything. Not too long now.

6. Get agreement. For example, wouldn’t it be good to enjoy a great mystery novel?

7. Use the senses; an audio of your first chapter, a video trailer, images, a first chapter people can read.

8. Maintain interest with new ideas, startling statements,1st person statements. My next book takes on the bankers!

9. Question. What do you think about these rules?

10. Distract. Let me tell you a story while you wait.

11. Bond, create an enemy. It’s the reader and the writer against the status quo.

12. Repeat. Things grow on you, don’t they? Try different images, another secret.

These are the 12 secrets of reader involvement through social media. All that is missing are the final magic words . . .

If you’ve found these rules helpful, don’t miss this chance, order my next novel here.


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