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xTending literature onto social media


xTended is a project intended to bring out of copyright Irish writing into the age of social media. Our goal is to use  pictures, sound, video, comments, fan fiction, book clubs, comments and text to extend the literature, poetry and plays that are a key part of Ireland’s heritage into a place where hundreds of millions can not only see them, as they are able to do now, but also to engage with each text, to help bring them alive for a new generation.

The project will encourage people all over the world to contribute their own images, comments, audio, short  video and whatever else either depicts parts of the specific text or has been inspired by it.

Ulysees by James Joyce, for instance, has plenty of sites with summaries of the text or extracts, but no site that we are aware of that includes all of the possible elements of text, image – picture, animation and video – sound, and comments, which would allow people to engage with the work in the way hundreds of millions are engaging with the internet now, and billions will engage in the future.

Each month a new work will be highlighted, but the previous month’s project will still remain online and will still be promoted and engagement sought.

The works of these greats of Ireland’s heritage should not remain online in a disparate, Wikipedia type assortment of first generation web sites, no matter how good they are. A project to showcase, link and promote extended views of these classic works would be both innovative, and attract many to the legacy and land that these writers originated from.

What do you think of such a project?

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