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Building relationships with bloggers


A key task for me in the lead up to the launch by Harper Collins of my new novel, The Manhattan Puzzle, Oct 10 – – is the establishment of relationships with key bloggers in my genre.

So far I have been promised that a post about the book and its 7 key themes at the following sites:

+ Southern Writers (+ magazine article)

+ International Thriller Writers (+ email newsletter link)

+ Female First UK

+ Killer Reads

+ Writers Workshop UK

+ my-thrillers

+ Friday Reads on Facebook

Others are planned, as well as a blog tour among fellow writers.

Have you identified the key blogs in your genre? Have you contacted them and found the few who will feature you? Have you written posts for them?

And would you like any help in doing this? Email me if you would like help.

And if you run a blog or know another one I should be on please email me or leave a comment below.

The themes of The Manhattan Puzzle are: evil among Manhattan bankers exposed, extreme violence by a woman against a man, secrets of Manhattan, what would you do if your partner went missing, conspiracy to take over a major US bank, a relic of Jesus in Manhattan, a US bank about to die.

I hope you’ll like it!

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