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Guest post: Writing & how social media can help, by Yvone

Yvone is a writer of Fantasy and Mainstream fiction, currently residing in Corona, CA. She is also a blogger, volunteer beta reader, and a participant of NaNoWrimo. Yvone has been writing since the age of 14, and continues to pursue writing with a passion.


Take it away Yvone:

If social media was suddenly shut down, I don’t know what I would do. As a writer, I spend a LOT of time in front of a computer. I’ve got books I need to read, stories I have to edit, and at some point I figure I should probably eat, shower, and not starve my dog. I’m trapped in a whirlwind of orcs and CIA agents, and while I don’t want to leave, the harsh truth is that I can’t make it alone. We need people, and a writer should never get so caught up that they forget that.

Social media makes it easier for me. With just a few clicks, I can connect with thousands of people– specifically people who have the same interests and desires as I do. All it takes is 2 minutes. I could walk 2 minutes from my house and be lucky to find a person who even reads anymore, let alone someone who writes. Twitter and WordPress help you find those people instantly.

Twitter particularly has been a great resource for me, both as a writer and a reader. The moment I created my account, I had access to writing advice, encouraging quotes, and authors who were not only driven, but approachable. I can’t count how many I’ve connected with that have been so kind and have inspired me with their stories. WordPress has been an even bigger help– within moments, I can share my work with others, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

To this day, my family still perceives writing as just a phase– that thing I’m doing until I figure out what I’m really doing. I’m sure other writers have encountered this, and it’s disheartening. We need support; Our inner editor is taking shots at us every time we even think about writing a sentence. Having the support of your Twitter and WordPress family not only helps you get through it, but kick ass while you do it. I don’t know how I ever lived without them.

This is Yvonne’s blog.


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