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Writing resolutions for 2014

2014 resolutions

Here are my writing resolutions for 2014:

* Finish The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. I have dipped in and out of this a few times, but this year I plan to finish it. I’m finding resonances with my own life, the challenges and characters I meet, so I have fresh impetus to go right to the end this time.

* Prepare for a talk I am giving at the Southern California Writers’ Conference mid February and a weekly evening course I am leading from early February at the Irish Writers’ centre in Dublin. Much of my preparation will be immersing myself in ideas about theme. I will be questioning myself about why this concept is so important to me. If a novel has the right theme, fighting injustice or revealing truth in my case, then I will likely buy it and read it right through, even if the prose is less than sparkling. I believe if anything has a connection to childhood, our choice of themes does.

* Finish The Nuremberg Puzzle. I finished the second draft a month ago. I have received detailed structural editorial feedback and I’ve turned the feedback into a visual diagram of the changes I need to make. Now I have to rewrite the novel. I will be finished sometime in February, early I hope. Late if the changes go deeper. March if I have to do it all over again.

* Start a new novel and a new series. I have an idea for a new novel set in Ireland with some international characters who come here for a visit. I hope to have the first draft finished in the summer. There will be mystery and danger in it.

* Change the name of another novel I am selling from The Price of Life to Sisters. It’s about an American pop star who gets murdered. She has a sister who’s a singer as well. This novel probably needs a few more tweeks too. (A few? Don’t make me laugh, ed.)

That lot should keep me busy this year and hopefully help me pay my way. I have to work at my day job too, helping writers get noticed online.

If you have any resolutions you would like to share, or have any thoughts on mine, please comment below.


4 thoughts on “Writing resolutions for 2014

  1. Hi, Laurence, great resolutions! My writing intentions are:

    1. Finish my pitch, query letter and book proposal for The Deadliners.

    2. Get an agent.

    3. Edit my first YA novel Regression.

    4. Finish my YA novel Teenagers.

    Lots to do…good luck!

  2. Thanks for inspiring me to publicly commit to a few resolutions:
    1. Get two pieces of writing published.
    2. Finish draft of my novel Seams.
    3. Post to my blog at least monthly.
    4. Read Writing Alone and With Others
    5. Revise Scandalicious

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