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Guest Post: Amy Morse – 9 Tips on Pinterest for Writers

Amy Morse

We’re in the middle of a Social Media revolution. There is information everywhere about Social Media, and it is now an essential part of the marketing mix for writers building their platform and reputation.

Whether you have traditionally or self-published, marketing your work is your responsibility if you want to increase sales.

But Social Media is exactly that, social – its’ about developing relationships, sharing, having conversations and should not be used as simply a sales pipeline.

Don’t be the one at the party who only ever talks about themselves!

It is also an invaluable way of conducting research.

Most people think of social media as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but I’ve recently discovered Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online scrapbook or notice board.  You can set up boards, search and add pins and follow other people’s boards and you can keep any of your boards private if you wish.

Here I am:

It should come with a health warning – entire days can disappear down the Pinterest rabbit hole if you let them!

I’m trying to control my Pinterest habit, but even as I write this, to paste in the link I had to login and twitch the curtains and ‘pin’ a few more ideas.

If you are going to fall into a rabbit hole make it a constructive one!

Here are 9 tips on how Pinterest can be an asset for writers:

  • Research – set up a board for your research project. Pin all the links you browse so they are easy to find and reference in the future
  • Carefully title your boards – Categorise your pins in an intuitive way so that you can find things quickly.
  • Download a widget for your toolbar – Whenever you are browsing you can quickly capture and pin things on the relevant board
  • Start building a following for your work before it gets to print and use it to showcase your ideas and gather opinions
  • Pin regularly – if you want people to find your pins, re-pin you and follow you
  • Set up a writing tips board – This is a great place to collect tips, blog links and knowledge
  • Follow other writers boards – Increase your network, access new pins and get updates to add to your portfolio

For more tips on using Social Media effectively, check out Laurence’s book.

And in the meantime, happy pinning!

Amy Morse is a writer, artist, enterprise coach and entrepreneur. Business trainer by day, performer of random acts of creativity by night. Finding inspiration in the everyday, creating something from nothing and enabling others to do the same. Author of; The Bronze Box (writing as Amy C Fitzjohn) and currently writing the follow up, ‘Solomon’s Secrets’
Here’s the link to her blog too: Thanks for a great post, Amy.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Amy Morse – 9 Tips on Pinterest for Writers

  1. Love it! I’ve been using Pinterest for a few years now and have found an abundance of inspiration, especially visual, for my writing. I have pins of people, things, quotes, and nature that speak to my novel-in-progress, but they are scattered throughout various boards. Thanks to your post, I’ll be organizing them into their own special board. What a simple but brilliant idea. Thanks so much for this post. ~Ilene Fey

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  3. I love Pinterest as a writer’s tool. I have boards specifically for my books and WIPs, and I pin some of my more useful blog posts to generate a some traffic. I’ll be looking you up Amy! 184 boards is epic!

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