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BooksGoSocial Launch

Odeon, Dublin is being launched 27th February 2014, 18:30-20:30, at the Odeon, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. The Odeon used to be a railway station. You can see the venue above. is a site for authors and readers. It features the first pages and covers of recent novels. The aim is to allow readers to sample novels quickly and for authors to have a greater chance of being discovered.

We have international and Irish authors on the site. We feature both traditionally published authors and great independently published novels too. If you are an author and you want to be featured simply email me:

I am Tweeting links to the site to all my 200,000 followers every day. The aim is simply to get people onto the site to read novels. We are achieving that goal. 1,000 reader/visitors looked at our novels in the past week, and we are only beginning our promotion campaign.

Authors can now be discovered directly by readers, through the power of a web site and a network of supporters all helping to promote their work. I encourage all authors featured to also promote the site so that we can create a network effect amplifying what each of us can do on our own. is supported by great writers and great writing sites around the world and is open to any author, in any country writing in English. It will evolve too. For now we don’t have genre categories, but they are coming. will also feature quarterly eReader give away competitions to attract readers, credible authors and great writing.

Don’t miss out. Get involved. Support great writing. Visit, share this page or the site and support us. Many thanks!


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