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My Goodreads Experiment


Well, I have done it. I started a Goodreads group. I have been on Goodreads for three years, but never really got that much from it. I did a giveaway eighteen months ago. About 500 people entered, so that was ok for raising my profile, but I didn’t spend much time on the site though I did put over 100 books on my book shelf.

In 2014 my participation is going to change.

I have been reading about authors who are getting a lot from Goodreads. One of the simple things they do is spend a lot of time on the site, joining groups, commenting and managing their own group. One author spends an hour a day on the site.

I won’t be spending that long, but I will be visiting the site every day and getting involved, not only with my own group, but also with other groups.

Please join me at the Puzzle series group here:

As long as you are interested in reading this could be a good place for meeting people online. As I write this I have 100 members in my group and only a handful of interactions. Will the group prosper and grow? Have I done the right thing starting it?

I have those familiar feelings before a party starts. Will anyone turn up?

If you want to see what happened to my Goodreads experiment, started mid March 2014, go here:

And if you want a report on what else you can do as an author to promote yourself email me now:


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