Accelerate your book sales I have been writing almost every day since the year 2000. That’s fourteen years.

I spent the first ten years  learning the craft. When I was ready I knew that I needed promotion as well as a good book. That was when I decided to create my first blog and promote it through Twitter & Facebook. Twitter generated the hits from people I didn’t know and Facebook allowed me to reach people I did know.

Now I have over 200,000 followers on Twitter. 100,000 of these in the US and 60,000 in the UK. These are real readers who have followed me because I am a writer or because I promote other writers.

I started promoting other writers in 2012. I have over eighty guest posts from other writers on my site. This year I decided to promote other writers on a new site dedicated to first pages, BooksGoSocial.com. That site is attracting 1,000 visitors a week already.

It’s a virtual bookshop where people taste books and can buy it with two clicks if they like it. If you are interested in becoming a featured author then come on over to Services4Authors, where details of what we do for you are listed.

I believe in authors helping each other. A key component of BooksGoSocial is that each author promotes the site once a month on Facebook or Twitter to have their book rotated to the top of their genre listing. If you won’t share the site with your own followers your book will drift down the listing.

Sharing is what will keep your book near the top on this site. Most visitors will look at your first page only. 50% will look at one other first page.

You will benefit from others sharing the site, so please share it once a month after you sign up. There’s a small annual admin fee, but there is a long list of benefits too. Come on over to Services4Authors.com to see what they are. One benefit you should not miss out on is our 4 Step Book Sales Accelerator Model, which you will receive after you sign up.

See you there!


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