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8 great online writer’s communities – Updated


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I have joined many online writers communities. The ones I found most useful were:

Authonomy – The Harper Collins site for aspiring writers. I attended a one day event they ran and got published as a result! I am now translated into 10 languages. What’s not to love!

Backspace – I was active in this community for years. Their articles were very helpful.

Funds for Writers – I applied for an ArtsCouncil Grant here in Ireland, and I’m still waiting to hear. But this list for US organizations may help.  This is a list of UK organisations that may help.

Goodreads – This site is mainly for readers, but you can register as a writer and run giveaways. I had 500 replies to a giveaway last Jan. I also enjoy some of the reading groups.

Preditors & Editors – Although I only used it a few times it opened my eyes as to what could happen to a writer.

International Thriller Writers is a useful genre group. They also run an amazing conference every July in New York. I attended one. It was fun! – The Irish writing site with a constant flow of new articles on craft and great interviews. I attended a great PR for Writers day – free – as a result of this site recently.

WritersDigest – I attended online courses and strongly recommend their list of the best writers sites here (pdf).


7 thoughts on “8 great online writer’s communities – Updated

  1. Authonomy is a sel pub book site designed to make high profits. There had been a lot published about it online, but unless you can afford to throw your money away, there are cheaper ways to self publish.

      • I obviously got it mixed up with Author Solutions at Penguin and Random House, although Authonomy at Harper Collins does provide self publishing and marketing services and appears to charge for them. I didn’t want a salesman contacting me so I didn’t fill our the form for more information. See link and verbiage below re: Author Solutions:

        Gaughran goes on, however:

        I find it amusing that Random House first stuck to its guns, and then only agreed to make some changes when headlines appeared comparing them to a “predatory vanity press” when they have recently struck a deal to merge with Penguin – who run their own predatory vanity press (which Random House will soon co-own!). But I digress.
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  2. Great list!! Thanks for sharing. Writing is passion for many people. There are many websites for writers and authors to increase their writing passion and earn something from that. I know one such website which has become bridge between businesses and writers. is very good community of such. They are also paying very good amount to writers.

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