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Online content creation strategies for writers

One of the most challenging tasks for any writer is what to create for social media. Twitter is important and we can retweet, reply and link to other content with it, but if you have a blog or web site with valuable content you can draw people to your own site and expose them to your books, your writing or your plans for the future.

But what should you write about on your site?

Here is a tool you can use to uncover subjects to write about:2013-05-09_0901

The idea is that you go around the outside subject areas in turn and consider if you can create a post (400-600 words with a pic) that you can upload to your blog or web site about that subject.

I recommend that you consider creating a series of posts on a particular subject or in the run up to a milestone, such as the launch of a book. I am creating a series of posts, one a month, on the Secrets of Manhattan at my author blog I am also hosting a long running series of “guest” blog posts every week on the site.

Some other things to consider when you’re creating content:

* Setting a timetable – every Wednesday morning for instance – so that your followers will know when your material is coming out.

* Encouraging people to follow your blog or site with a prominent FOLLOW ME button near the top somewhere. With most blog sites the site will automatically email all followers with your new posts. (BTW Please follow me too!)

* Consider your target audience and your area of expertise to create suitable posts

* Listen to feedback and respond to comments

* Post occasional competitions, images and videos too, if you can

* Be positive, open and interested. Show your best side! An occasional moan can show the truth of what’s it’s like to be a writer – underpaid, overworked, challenged, but mostly people want to be inspired in one way or another. Good news always gets a lot of visitors

* Focus on helping people

* Describe your journey too

Have I missed something? Please post a comment below with your thoughts on what makes great content for writers.

And thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “Online content creation strategies for writers

  1. Great tips! I’d also add, be yourself. It can seem like a given, but I think that many of us try too hard to seem “cool “or “interesting,” when the best way to connect with readers is to simply share ourselves – what we enjoy, find compelling, etc.

    • Hi August, great thought! I agree with being ourselves, the best version of ourselves! We find our true selves through creativity and our sites are part of that. I wish you well. What are you working on now?

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