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I just love that moment when someone says, ‘You need an upgrade.” It’s the way we live today, almost everything is fluid, from Presidents to web sites.

So, I’m upgrading. Much of this is in preparation for the launch of my next novel, The Nuremberg Puzzle. Here is what I will be doing:

1. Changing my Facebook page name from a book title to my name. A page is different to a personal profile. It allows you to accumulate huge numbers of Likes’s, not the maximum five thousand friends you are allowed with a normal profile.

2. Moving my blog to a hosted .org site so it will improve on Google search ranking and have a cleaner look as a site & blog.

3. Updating my Amazon author page. I am always amazed at the number of authors who don’t list their web site, Twitter name, if they have one, and their complete bio.

4. Creating new videos for my YouTube channels, BookTrailers4You. Interviews and readings are all possible with YouTube.

5. Publishing posts on other sites. I have reached out to about 25 crime/mystery sites and will have posts on about 5 prominent ones in the next few months.

6. Updating Goodreads with the books I used for research, Instagram with images and Pinterest too.

7. But most importantly of all, updating my Twitter profiles, Tweets and background images to reflect the new book.

It seems like a lot to do, but a few minutes a day is enough to get all this done. And writers who don’t market themselves online these days have a tiny chance of success!


3 thoughts on “Upgrading your sites

  1. Rewrite your author bio and create a tagline for yourself. Somewhere on the Web, I read a blog about Jackie Collins’ tagline: “She’ll keep you up all night”. It’s a phrase that you don’t forget.

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