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4 Harsh Truths That Will Help You Sell More Books


If you’re one of those people who knows everything already, you can leave now. You won’t need any advice from someone who worked his way up from sleeping on the back seat of his car to getting mainstream published in 11 languages.

Ok, for everyone still reading, here’s those 4 harsh truths:

1) You have to work at seducing people into reading your book.

Ok, some of you do it naturally, you have the gift, but for the rest of us, we have to make the package attractive, go to the right places and play the right games, smiling all the way. That means, making your blog sparkle, not crappy and unreadable, getting your name out far and wide and creating compelling, seductive posts about your book, every week.

2) You’re either a bitter writer or a motivated writer.

I don’t care how many rejections you got, if you’re still alive you can write, you can improve, you can edit, you can get a better cover, you can get more reviews, you can start a free blog, and you can give up Sunday night TV and write instead. Don’t tell me you’re waiting for the world to find you. If you want to get noticed, write something noticeable and illustrate it well and email us a link to it. We will get it in front of a quarter of a million online readers, who need something to brighten their lives every day, just like I do.

3) If you think you’re not good enough, change your thinking.

There’s only one way to get good at something. Work at it, until you get better. That means writing crappy posts for a while, then writing better ones, then writing good ones. Finally. It doesn’t work any other way. If you want to sell more books it’s your blog/video/audio that will do it. Facebook won’t solve your problem. They want you to pay them to reach beyond your tribe, and what will you reach out to people with, your book? If you do that you’re just advertising. People don’t want to be advertised to. They want to be seduced. They want to get a taste of the world of your book. That’s why we promote first pages on BooksGoSocial,com. That’s why, once you are a member, we will promote your blog/audio/video posts for free for a week and get you tons of free hits that would cost you £1 or $1.50 each if you had to pay Google or Facebook to get them for you.

4) If you think you’re a writer, go ahead, write something new.

The publishing world is changing, fast. Crowd funding, the indie writer scene and publishers complaining about Amazon are just the outward signs of a world that is ripping apart.

The Victorian world of novels, pre-determined book length devices designed to suit the shelves of physical book stores, is declining. Book length device sales are down and writers have to do something (real UK stats here – real US stats here, look at the tables for the minus numbers for US print sales). Use of the internet is pushing out reading as an activity for young people (stats). Facebook and  TV are taking up everyone’s time. A continuous 4% decline in reading each year will lead to a 50% decline in reading over a decade. 

It’s time writers took the lead.

It’s time writers fought back.

It’s time we explored what this world of web pages and videos can do to help our stories.

The very least we can do is extend our stories online today. Don’t tell me you need a big budget to do it. You can use words and pictures, just like Facebook does, mostly, and write something new. Books need arms on web pages, explanations, maps, video clues, audio readings, character sketches, notes on your themes and your reasons for writing it.

There is so much that you can write about. Here is a diagram that might help:

(C) Laurence O'Bryan

If you want to print the above you are free to do so. If you want to share it please credit this site as the place you found it.

I hope this post will help you sell more books. The real opportunities on our site are for those who extend their books in some way. Those members will get extra free promotions. Those members will get free Premium services. Those members will sell more books.

What type of member do you want to be, the one who runs away because it’s too much like hard work, or the one who writes compelling posts that will seduce a percentage of our quarter of a million real followers to buy your book?

The choice is yours. 

If you’re not a member, and you want to be a member, if you’ve got what it takes, sign up here. And remember these truths:

1) You have to work at seducing people.

2) You’re either a bitter writer or a motivated writer.

3) If you think you’re not good enough, change your thinking.

4) If you think you’re a writer, go ahead, write us something.



6 thoughts on “4 Harsh Truths That Will Help You Sell More Books

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  2. Many thanks for the motivational content. Halfway through second novel, I needed reminding. Many thanks. Samantha McKeating

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