Advice for writers

14 Social Media Tips All Authors Should Know

quick tips

1. Each platform is different.
Facebook is a great relationship and website-hits builder. Twitter reaches new readers quickly. Instagram is good for brand building. Google+ is important for SEO.

2. Use tools such as and
They will save time.

3. Different Facebook posts work in different ways.
Pictures are good for engagement & shares, not always for click thrus.
Link posts are better for generating hits on your sites.
Updates are good for questions and feedback.

4. Make your headlines work hard.
Headlines that ask questions get answered in the comments. Headlines that tease get clicks.

5. Tag people you talk about in your posts.
It helps people to discover your posts.

6. Enhance your pics.
If you are in any way visually inclined you can use or to make them even more interesting.

7. Engage.
Answer all comments and notifications. When possible, or course! I allocate 30 minutes at the start of the day for getting back to people.

8. Be positive & excited.
People can read between the lines so easily. Real excitement is contagious.

9. Keep Tweets less than 90 characters.
Keep it short and sweet!

10. Tease. Ask if people know (Do you know  . . .) or want to see or can guess … 

11. Tweet the same content again. It’s called Evergreen content. Weave it in again!

12. Try short videos. You can do a lot in 30 seconds. 
See BookTrailers4You for some examples. The early 30 second ones are made by us. If you have less time try Instagram 15 second clips and Vine 7 second clips.  

13. Link to Google+ & autoshare your posts there. It’s great for SEO.

14. Keep blog posts simple and focused on the themes in your novel or the things most humans are attracted to, sex, power, secrets, fears, vice, loyalty.  

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