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Building Loyalty Among Your Readers Online


Foxie, guarding the body of her master' Charles Gough

Foxie, guarding the body of her master’ Charles Gough


There are three classic methods for building a loyal following of readers online:

1. Provide something of value. Are you an expert? Can you share some of your expertise? Are you funny? Are you knowledgeable on a specific subject? Find something, if you are not. Find a subject you can provide your own take on and write about it on your blog or on Facebook or wherever else you hang out online.

2. Build trust. Trust is built through reliability, honesty, respect. Do you treat your followers with respect? Are you honest and reliable in your responses?

3. Provide something new. The new-kid-on-the-block phenomena allows everyone with something to say to get some limelight. The challenge is to maintain the innovations. Keep delivering new things and your audience will be loyal and it will grow. You may not be Neil Gaiman, but you can reinvent yourself.

Give and you will receive is the key message. Loyalty begins with your loyalty to your readers.

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