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7 Must Do Tactics for Author Tweets

Twitter Advice for Writers

We all know that Twitter should only be used for self promotion for about one in ten of the Tweets you send out. But that still means you can send the occasional Tweet, as long as you have given value to your followers in your other Tweets, either linking to something they might be interested in, replying to Tweets you have received or ReTweeting.

When it comes to the moment you can Tweet something promotional there’s some important things you can do to ensure you get the desired response, and don’t annoy your followers.

Here’s my take on how to get this right:

#1 Include a hook early on. Your title alone is not a hook. Your tag line could be a source of inspiration or you could quote from a review you got. Without doubt, the stronger a hook is, the better the Tweet is. There is a real art to getting Tweet hooks right. Note the Tweets that hook you and emulate them, but add your own twist. If you can’t think of a hook don’t Tweet your book. I mean it. I def won’t ReTweet anything without a hook.

#2 Include a short link. Use or or one of the other services for creating short links. But please don’t link straight to an Amazon page without updating your Amazon page to the best it can be. We provide a five page guide to doing that. A link to a blog page or review of your book is also good, as long as the post or page has prominent buy links for your book. I worked with someone who had no buy links on their book pages, and who wouldn’t put them in when asked. Then he wondered why he wan’t selling any books!

#3 Include a  # tag such as #ebook, if it’s an ebook, or #crime, #mystery, #romance #literary #memoir etc if you want to identify your work with a genre. Don’t use more than two in any one Tweet.

#4 The only reason not to use a # tag is brevity. You’ll get more reads on your Tweets if your whole Tweet is less than 100 characters, so don’t overload your Tweet with #Tags.

#5 Include a picture to make your Tweet more attractive. Tweets with images, which show on the Newsfeed, achieve a greater number of click throughs. Don’t do it all the time, but this is a good way to vary your Tweets.

#6 That’s the next point. Vary your Tweets. Change the wording, the attached images and the links to keep things fresh for your followers.

#7 You can Tweet your excitement about where you book has reached on the Kindle chart, a review you have received or some other good news. This is a form of hook. It is also genuine and likely to attract real interest.

I hope you found this useful. Getting your promotional Tweets right is important. You get orders and start conversations if you get this right. You can lose followers fast if you don’t.

Thanks for dropping in. If you want to sign up for our book promotion service you can click here for further details.

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