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8 Site Upgrades For Authors

Web sites for writers

I just love that moment when someone says, ‘You need an upgrade.” It’s the way we live today, almost everything is fluid, from Presidents to web sites.

So, I’m upgrading. Much of this is in preparation for the holiday season. Here’s what I am doing:

1. Creating a new Facebook page and group. A page is different to a personal profile. It allows you to accumulate huge numbers of Likes’s, not the maximum five thousand friends you are allowed with a normal profile. A group allows you to interact with members in an equal way. You are all members of the group and are allowed post what you suggest should be posted.

2. Moving my blog to a hosted platform so it will improve on Google search ranking and have a cleaner look as a site for readers. This was completed last week. You can see the results here:

3. Updating my Amazon author page. I am always amazed at the number of authors who don’t list their web site, Twitter name, if they have one, and their complete bio. I made changes at Amazon Author Central on both the and sites. I did this to make sure all my books are credited to me at both these sites and the reviews can be seen on each site.

4. Creating new videos for my YouTube channels, BookTrailers4You. Interviews and readings are all possible with YouTube. I am also making short 7 second videos for use in Tweets too. And I am using to post my first chapter readings, inside my Tweets, so it plays without leaving Twitter! You need to use the new sound Twitter card for this.

5. Publishing posts on other sites. I have reached out to about 100 crime/mystery sites and will have posts on about 20 by the end of the year. Great reviews on respected sites can really boost your book sales.

6. Updating Goodreads with the books I used for research, Instagram with images and Pinterest too.

7. But most importantly of all, updating my Twitter profiles, Tweets and background images to reflect the new book. I am planning a complete new look for my profile pics for the holidays!

8. Spending money to build my email list. I will be giving away a Kindle PaperWhite each month to people who sign up for special ebook offers here & you can sign up too! An email list is vital for an author. Make sure you are building yours!

It seems like a lot to do, but a few minutes a day is enough to get most of this done. Writers who don’t market themselves online these days have a vanishingly tiny chance of success! If you’re not one of the lucky ones to be published and a best seller – and only 1 in 300 published books become bestsellers in the US! – then, aside from walking up and down outside a bookshop with a sign around my neck, I can see no other way to get my name out as a writer.

What do you think?  


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