How I Help Writers & Guest Post Guidelines

I’ve been writing for fourteen years. In that time I’e accumulated over 222,000 online followers by immersing myself in the world of 21st century book promotion.

I am now published by Harper Collins in the UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and on Aug 26th 2014 by Harper Collins US. I self published a guide to social media – Social Media is Dynamite in 2013. My writing has also been translated into 10 languages.

This blog is about how I can help you. Why? I enjoy mixing with writers, and I have an office and staff now. And I want to use my skills to help other writers. Details of the services I provide can be found here.

Here is  a pic of the president of Ireland opening our office building in central Dublin in April, 2014, and being introduced to our BooksGoSocial concept:


I know I can help writers get noticed. Look at what JJ says on the right. I can help you too.

If you need more information contact me:

To see those details on our comprehensive support service for writers click here.

If you would like to contribute a guest post let me know. The guidelines are below.

Here are the guidelines for a guest post:

– 500 words maximum
– provide a link to Amazon if you have one
– a photo or image to be sent or included with each post
– you can talk about your experience as a writer on social media or provide advice on social media for writers
– include a link back to your blog or site so people can follow up if they like what you have created
You will receive a link when you get an email saying your guest post is up. 



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